Weightlifting Belts

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Protect your lower back with our wide range of best weight lifting belts in the UK. Our lifting belts are made with the highest quality materials which are ideal for everyone from beginners, serious bodybuilders to professional powerlifters.

AQF leather belts are made of genuine leather and reinforced stitching adds to it’s durablity & long life. Steel double prong roller buckle make sure belt sit secure on the waist and remains so during long lifting sessions. All of these belts are handcrafted to perfection and are ideal for weight lifting, bodybuilding, cross fitness or powerlifting.

  • AQF Genuine Leather Powerlifting Belt is 4” wide and 10 mm thick, perfect for providing additional back and abdominal support during heavy lifts which require you to brace your core such as squatting, deadlifting and pressing.
  • Made of 2 layers of nubuck split leather, finished with a layer of premium black suede leather on the inside and outside for support and comfort. Layers of leather are glued together with 4 rows of stitching for durability.
  • Quick release heavy duty lever buckle closure system for secure and snug fitting with 5 precision-spaced holes for easy tightening for optimal comfort and support.
  • Buckle & screws included, position of the buckle can be easily adjusted (Simply alter the position of back metal plate).
  • Four size options to choose from, belt can be stiff when new and may need some break-in time, will conform to body shape over time but you will never need to worry about its reliability.